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Johnny Duhan’s songs are performed worldwide in a variety of languages, thanks to the focus put on them by Irish folk and traditional singers, including Christy Moore, The Dubliners, Dolores Keane and hosts of others. His song The Voyage has become a modern classic. Hot Press magazine editor, Niall Stokes, has predicted that The Voyage will be around centuries from now, after most popular songs of our time are long forgotten. 

Christy Moore has termed Johnny “One of our greatest songwriters.” And the late Ronnie Drew described him as “one of my favourite songwriters”. Sylvie Simmons (author of Leonard Cohen’s biography I’m Your Man) had this to say about part one of Johnny’s autobiography, There is a Time: “When I started to read it I couldn’t put it down.” After reading a chapter from part 2, The Voyage, Eoghan Harris wrote: “I read it over a cup of coffee that went cold as I could not stop to sip.”

What People Say About Johnny

"One of our greatest songwriters."
Christy Moore
"Johnny Duhan is one of my favourite songwriters."
Ronnie Drew
"Best songwriter of his generation, and I include Van Morrison and Paul Brady in that assessment."
Joe Ambrose
"I’m constantly amazed that the world hasn’t found out how good his meditations on love and loss really are."
John Boland
"A man who cares not a whit for trends, but rather one whose reason for living is to transcend such creative limitations.”
Tom Clayton-Lea